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The link between secondary school characteristics and university participation and outcomes

Date: 06 June 2014
Publisher: Department for Education

This CAYT (Centre for the Analysis of Youth Transitions) report uses linked individual-level administrative data from schools and universities to document the relationships between a variety of secondary school characteristics of interest and higher education (HE) participation rates and university outcomes. The school characteristics we consider are: school type and selectivity; whether the school has an attached sixth form; the proportion of pupils in the school who are eligible for free school meals; and school value added.The outcomes we consider are: participation at any HE institution in the UK at age 18 or 19; participation at a high-status institution; dropout within two years of starting university; degree completion within five years of starting university; and degree class.

A repository of CAYT impact studies is hosted Mentor-Adepis (Alcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Information Service).