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Fiscal facts: tax and benefits

This page provides links to facts and figures about UK taxes and benefits.

These notes describe the UK tax and benefit systems respectively:

The spreadsheets below give give current and historical rates and thresholds for the main direct and indirect taxes; and benefit and tax credit rates, numbers of claimants and expenditure levels.

For more information, contact Stuart Adam or Helen Miller.

For facts and figures about the UK public finances and public spending, click here.


Direct taxes

Income tax
Personal allowances, rates and limits
National Insurance
Rates: employed and self-employed
Tax credits
Child tax credit and working tax credit


Spending on benefits

UK expenditure on benefits
Nominal terms, real terms and % of GDP

Benefits for the unemployed
Benefits for the elderly

Retirement Pension
Rates and claimants
Pension Credit
Rates and claimants

Benefits for people on low incomes

Income Support and Supplementary Benefit
Personal allowances, premiums and claimants
Housing Benefit
Personal allowances, premiums and claimants
Council Tax Benefit
Personal allowances, premiums and claimants
Social Fund, including Winter Fuel Payments and Sure State Maternity Grants
Awards and amounts
Universal Credit
Allowances, premiums and claimants

Benefits for war and industrial injury and bereavement