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Inequality under the Labour government

Briefing note
This Briefing Note will provide a brief analysis of changes to income inequality since the Labour government came to power in 1997.1 The most recent data from 2001-02 show that there has been little change in income inequality since 2000-01. An implication of this is that there has been little impact upon the slight upward trend in inequality that has been experienced over Labours term in government.
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This presentation was delivered to students and faculty members at Durham University on 30th January 2020.
Book chapter
This chapter analyses trends in average incomes and income inequality between UK individuals. We also explore the determinants of trends in income growth and how they have evolved over time, on average and for different groups.
Briefing note
The tax and benefit system is a key tool for a government trying to reduce inequality. In this briefing note, we examine the effects that cash benefits and taxes had on UK inequality in 2016–17.
Press release
New IFS analysis, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, finds that though benefits do much of the work in reducing income inequality, taxes also redistribute from rich to poor, and are responsible for at least a fifth of the total redistribution the tax and benefit system achieves.