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Announcements about IFS research and researchers.

Masterclass given by Robert Miller (Carnegie Mellon): Identifying and Estimating Dynamic Discrete Choice Models

This masterclass develops structural approaches for analyzing large cross sectional and longitudinal data sets, by exploiting restrictions derived from the equilibrium dynamic outcomes in individual discrete choice optimization problems and non-cooperative games. We investigate empirical content, characterize identification of the primitives and  counterfactuals, and evaluate alternative estimators and testing procedures.

CPP director Richard Blundell awarded honorary doctorate from Ca' Foscari University of Venice

CPP director Professor Sir Richard Blundell CBE FBA has received an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Economics from Ca' Foscari University of Venice.  He delivered his Lectio Magistralis on 'Economic Policy Reform and the Challenge of Inequality'.  

In his speech, Professor Blundell stated: "inequality is probably the most pressing issue facing modern society. We need to actively support complementary activities to innovation and human capital. Universities have a key role to play in these and other aspects of delivering equitable growth".

A Conference on Optimization and Machine Learning in Economics organised by Alfred Galichon and Sokbae Lee, March 8-9 2018

Optimization is coming back as a major developing research area in economics. There are at least two reasons for this. The first one is the emergence of online platforms, which act as central planners and need to solve complex optimization problems such as matching service providers with customers, introducing potential dating partners, performing dynamic pricing  tasks, etc. The second reason is that econometric methods have been cross-fertilized by novel techniques from machine learning, that heavily rely on optimization tools. This conference is a chance for experts on optimization, machine learning, and economics to meet and discuss the current frontier of the scientific knowledge at these intersections.  

Helen Miller joins the consultative committee for the Office for Tax Simplification review of Depreciation and Capital Allowances

We are delighted to announce that IFS Associate Director Helen Miller has joined the consultative committee for the Office for Tax Simplification review of Depreciation and Capital Allowances.  The project concerns whether the use of accounting depreciation to provide relief for capital expenditure instead of capital allowances would simplify the preparation of tax returns for both incorporated and unincorporated firms.

IFS Senior Research Economist Kate Smith gives evidence at Health Committee and the Home Affairs Committee

IFS Senior Research Economist Kate Smith gives evidence at the Health Select Committee and the Home Affairs Committee a which are holding a one-off oral evidence session to assess the case for introducing a minimum unit price (MUP) on alcohol in England in the light of developments since the Health Committee’s report in 2012 on the Government’s Alcohol Strategy. With evidence from charities, academics, professional bodies, industry, government agencies and ministers, the session will cover a range of issues, including:

  • the potential impact a MUP could have on health, healthcare, the criminal justice system
  • any cross border implications posed by decisions of the UK, Scottish and Welsh governments.

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