The Institute aims to put all its research findings in the public domain, either in IFS publications or externally published communications, ranging from peer-reviewed academic journals to newspaper articles.

The majority of the Institute's own publications are available free of charge online. Where possible, our academic journal articles are made available to everyone through Open Access, generously funded by the ESRC.

IFS members receive hard copies of a number of our reports and the quarterly IFS journal, Fiscal Studies. Fiscal Studies is a peer-reviewed publication, which publishes articles submitted by a range of academics and practitioners in the field.

In 2010 and 2011 IFS published the Mirrlees Review in two volumes, the Dimensions of Tax Design and Tax by Design, which set out to analyse the tax system and make recommendations for realistic reform.

IFS Briefing Notes

The distributional effects of the UK government’s tax and welfare reforms in Wales: an update

This report is an updated analysis of the personal tax and benefit reforms implemented, or due to be implemented, by the UK’s coalition government from when it was elected in May 2010 up to and including April 2015.

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Reform of police pensions in England and Wales

| Journal Articles

We analyse pension reforms for police officers in England and Wales using force-level data.

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High-attaining children from disadvantaged backgrounds

| External publications

In this report, we track the performance of high-achieving pupils from poor backgrounds through the education system and compare their trajectories with those of their more advantaged peers.

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