Our goal at the Institute for Fiscal Studies is to promote effective economic and social policies by better understanding how policies affect individuals, families, businesses and the government's finances.

The IFS is recruiting Research Economists

The IFS is looking to recruit a number of outstanding economists to join our research teams in autumn 2016. We are also taking on summer students for the summer of 2016 and graduate scholars to start in autumn 2016.

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Outlook for the 2015 Spending Review

On 25 November the government will announce the results of its 2015 Spending Review, allocating spending between government departments for the four years 2016-17 to 2019-20. A background briefing note sets out the constraints facing the Chancellor, given the plans for the public finances that he published in the July Budget. We have also produced an online calculator, which allows you to act as Chancellor and conduct your own 2015 Spending Review. Complete with data visualisation and infographics, the interactive tool guides you through the headline plans the Chancellor has made for this parliament, and lets you make your own decisions about how to allocate spending between government departments.

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Analysis of the new ‘National Living Wage’ as potential compensation for tax and benefit changes

An IFS Briefing Note from 9 Sep analyses the extent to which the new 'National Living Wage' announced in the July 2015 Budget will compensate for the losses caused by tax and benefit reforms for different types of households in 2019–20. A related press release outlines the main findings.

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