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Prospect Magazine UK think tank of the year 2014.

How does the UK state pension system redistribute income?

The state pension system redistributes income both across people’s lifetimes and between different people. In a new study, IFS researchers examine these two types of redistribution among those born in the 1930s. These findings will be presented at a briefing on 9 September, alongside several other pieces of work which shed light on how financial preparedness for retirement differs across cohorts and important differences within cohorts.

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IFS conference "Taxing remuneration: principles and practice" (5-6 September)

Over two days, 5-6 September 2014, we will consider the different ways in which individual earnings are taxed. Speakers will include: Paul Aplin (A C Mole & Sons, ICAEW), Philip Baker QC (Gray's Inn), Colin Ben-Nathan (KPMG, CIOT), Judith Freedman (Oxford), Malcolm Gammie QC (One Essex Court, IFS Tax Law Review Committee), David Gauke MP, Mark Groom (Deloitte), Cerys Morgan (HM Treasury), Chas Roy-Chowdhury (ACCA), Edward Troup (HMRC), Mike Truman (Taxation), John Whiting (Office of Tax Simplification) and Simon Yates (Travers Smith).

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Pay, employment and incomes all fall furthest for young adults

The recession and its aftermath have been much harder on the young than the old. The employment rate of those in their 20s has fallen, while employment among older individuals has not; and real pay among young workers has fallen much faster than among older workers. As a result, young adults’ real incomes have fallen much more than any other age-group. These are among the findings of a new report by IFS researchers, which analyses data on household incomes from the government’s Households Below Average Income (HBAI) series.

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