The early years: child well-being and the role of public policy

- | 09:00 - 17:30
Location: The British Academy

The "The early years: child well-being and the role of public policy" conference will be held on 9 and 10 June 2016 at the British Academy. The focus of the conference will be on lessons that can be learned from the literature on the early years, their long term consequences, and the potential role for policy.

Training Course

Introduction to impact assessment

| 09:45 - 17:00
Location: CILIP (same building as IFS)
Tutor: Thomas Crossley Institute for Fiscal Studies, University of Essex

The course will introduce the various quantitative methods that can be used to estimate the causal impact of a policy intervention. The aim is to give participants an understanding of the suitability of these empirical methods given the nature of the policy under consideration and the available data.


(Ce)2 Workshop - CALL FOR PAPERS

- | 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Warsaw (Venue TBC)
Organiser: Michal Myck Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA)

The (Ce)2 workshop is a joint initiative of the Centre for Economic Analysis (CenEA, Poland) and the Centre for Microdata Methods and Practice (cemmap, UK). The third edition of the workshop will take place in Warsaw on 27-28 June 2016.

Training Course

Partial identification in practice

- | 10:00 - 17:00
Location: UCL Economics Department
Tutor: Adam Rosen cemmap and UCL
Availability: Places available

Partial identification allows applied researchers to learn about parameters of interest without requiring them to make assumptions that guarantee point identification. This course offers applied researchers an introduction to partial identification and its use in empirical work in economics.

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