Tom Waters

Tom Waters

Research Economist


MSc Economics (Distinction), University College London, 2014

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2.i), University of Oxford, 2012

Tom joined the IFS in 2016 and works in the Income, Work and Welfare sector. His current work includes analysis of tax and benefit policy and its effect on the income distribution. Before joining IFS he worked at the Office for Budget Responsibility and HM Treasury.



Scottish income tax diverges further from rest of UK to raise more from high earners

| Observations

For the new 2018–19 tax year, the Scottish higher-rate threshold has fallen further behind that in the UK, and two new income tax bands have been added in Scotland while the higher- and additional-rates have been increased. While most Scots will be either unaffected or pay slightly less in tax, overall the change will raise revenue as a result of higher earners paying more. This observation argues that while these changes represent small tweaks to the system rather than a major overhaul, differences between the Scottish and UK income tax systems could have significant implications for taxpayer behaviour going forward.

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