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Public Economics lectures for students

If you are after the event slides and videos from this event please click here. 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies is organising its annual Public Economics Lectures Day on the 10th January 2020 at the IFS's offices in London. The lectures are given by IFS researchers who are experts in different fields of public economics and on different areas of government policy. They are designed to be of particular interest to undergraduates and masters students in economics and related disciplines. Each of the lectures explores economic issues underlying an area of government policy, applying the tools of economics to give better understanding of the issue, and exploring recent economic research in this area.

The lectures delivered at the Public Economics Lecture Day are similar to those delivered at the Economics departments in Oxford and Cambridge as part of their undergraduate degree programmes. One aim of this event is to make these lectures available, free of charge, to a wider audience of students.

Lectures given on the day include:

  • Taxes, benefits and labour supply
  • Poverty and inequality
  • Higher education
  • Early childhood development
  • Corrective taxes
  • Indirect taxation
  • Health, social insurance and the role of the state
  • The ageing population and pensions


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