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The Institute publishes a series of 'Observations', which use our research to explain the facts behind topical policy debates. IFS staff also publish articles in a variety of national newspapers, blogs and specialist magazines to help inform the public debate.

For reports and academic publications, see our publications page.

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Latest Observations

The long awaited 2019 Spending Review has finally been timetabled.
In a bid to become the next prime minister, both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt say they plan to increase the point at which people start paying National Insurance Contributions (NICs). This move would make the UK’s tax system even more different to those in most other developed countries in two ...
In a new feasibility study, we conclude that it would be possible to implement and evaluate a new programme targeted at very young children in disadvantaged families. We also provide a blueprint for what the programme and evaluation could look like.

Recent newspaper articles

Newspaper article
Frozen thresholds in our tax system "are effectively hidden annual tax rises", writes Paul Johnson. These add up over time "and result in often-hidden changes to the nature of the tax system."
Newspaper article
Our new PM and Chancellor have pledged big spending increases before they know the shape and cost of Brexit. "We really should be consigning austerity to history, but we are in danger of talking our way into another dose of it", writes Paul Johnson.
Newspaper article
It's likely we will have a new Chancellor by the end of this week. What would their officials want them to know once they've walked through the door of No 11?