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50th anniversary issue of Fiscal Studies released


The IFS has launched a special 50th anniversary edition of Fiscal Studies. The special issue is edited by James Banks, James Cloyne, Monica Costa Dias, Matthias Parey and James P. Ziliak. 

Fiscal Studies is the journal of the Institute for Fiscal Studies. The journal was started by researchers at the Institute and aims to bridge the gap between academic research and policy. Since its inception in 1979, Fiscal Studies has earned a reputation around the world for publishing high-quality, original research papers in a style understandable to a wide audience. Written by leading academics, policymakers and practitioners, articles are presented in a clear and accessible format designed to appeal to a broad international readership.

This edition looks at:

1. IFS and the Future - Paul Johnson
2. Introduction to the Special Issue on the 50th Anniversary of IFS - James Banks, James Cloyne, Monica Costa Dias, Matthias Parey and James P. Ziliak 
3. Empirical Microeconomics in Changing Times: A Reflection on 50 Years of IFS Research - James Banks and Richard Blundell
4. Relative Poverty in Great Britain and the United States, 1979–2017 - Robert Joyce and James P. Ziliak
5. In-Work Credits in the UK and the US - Mike Brewer and Hilary Hoynes
6. Have R&D Spillovers Declined in the 21 st Century? - Brian Lucking, Nicholas Bloom and John Van Reenen
7. How Should Business Profit Be Taxed? Some Thoughts on Conceptual Developments During the Lifetime of the IFS - Michael P. Devereux
8. Medical Labour Supply and the Production of Healthcare - Tom Lee, Carol Propper and George Stoye
9. Financing Local Police Spending in England and Wales: Fiscal Federalism in Practice - Rowena Crawford, Richard Disney and Polly Simpson

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Co-Director, CPP
James Banks
Research Fellow
James Cloyne
Deputy Research Director
Monica Costa Dias
Research Fellow
Matthias Parey
Research Fellow
James P. Ziliak