Robert Joyce

Robert Joyce

Associate Director


MSc Economics (Distinction), University College London, 2011
BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (1st Class), University of Oxford, 2008

Robert is an Associate Director at the IFS and runs the Income, Work and Welfare sector. He is an editor of the annual IFS Green Budget. His main research interests are income distribution and the design and effects of the tax and benefit system.


A tighter benefit cap

| Observations

A lower cap on the total amount of benefits that households can receive comes into force tomorrow, affecting four times as many households as the previous benefit cap. Like the previous cap it will apply to out-of-work households of working age (with some exemptions, mainly due to disability). The cap will now be £23,000 a year in London and £20,000 elsewhere (there are lower caps for single adults without children set at £15,410 in London and £13,400 elsewhere). This compares to £26,000 nationwide under the previous cap, which has been in place since 2013. In this observation we look at the implications of a lower cap for government spending, the impact on the households affected, and how they might respond.

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