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Pay, employment and incomes all fall furthest for young adults

| IFS Press Releases

The recession and its aftermath have been much harder on the young than the old.

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Product reformulation effective in reducing dietary salt intake

| Observations

In 2003 the UK Government set a target of reducing the average salt intake of adults to 6g per day. It adopted a two pronged salt reduction strategy, encouraging voluntary product reformulation by the food industry and simultaneously running a consumer awareness campaign that highlighted the negative health risks associated with high salt intake. Our analysis finds that between 2005 and 2011 there was a 5.1% reduction in the average salt content (grams per 100g) of British households' grocery purchases. It also shows that the actions of firms were crucial in driving the decline in the salt content of grocery purchases. The decline was entirely due to the reformulation of food products by manufacturers to reduce their salt content; households actually switched slightly towards saltier food products.

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Public finance bulletin: August 2014

| Public Finance Press Releases

Today the Office for National Statistics and HM Treasury published Public Sector Finances July 2014. We now have details of central government receipts, central government spending, public sector net investment, borrowing and debt for the first four months of financial year 2014–15.

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