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Graduates who went to private schools earn more than graduates who did not

| IFS Press Releases

Graduates who went to private schools earn substantially more than those who went to state schools. Part of that difference is explained by the fact that, on average, they attend more prestigious universities and study subjects which tend to be more highly rewarded. But even amongst graduates who went to the same university to study the same subject and who left with the same degree class, those who went to private schools still earn 7% more, on average, three and a half years after graduation than their state-educated contemporaries.

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How far through the consolidation are we?

| Observations

The Prime Minister, in an article in today’s Times, said “In this parliament we will have made £100 billion of savings while cutting income tax by £10.5 billion. In the next parliament we plan to make £25 billion of savings while making £7.2 billion of income tax cuts”. This repeats a statement made at this year’s Conservative Party conference. The implication is that most of the planned cuts in public spending have been made and that the promised tax cuts in the next parliament are relatively modest by comparison with what has been managed in this parliament. In this observation we explain what these numbers mean and question whether it is sensible to compare them at all.

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IFS public finance bulletin: October 2014

| Public Finance Press Releases

Today the Office for National Statistics and HM Treasury published Public Sector Finances, September 2014. We now have details of central government receipts, central government spending, public sector net investment, borrowing and debt for the half of financial year 2014–15.

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