About the IFS

The Institute for Fiscal Studies was founded in 1969. Established as an independent research institute, IFS was launched with the principal aim of better informing public debate on economics in order to promote the development of effective fiscal policy. Through the establishment of rigorous independent research, for example the IFS Green Budget and Post Budget analysis, IFS successfully opened up debate about public policy to a wider audience and influenced policy decision making.

Today, IFS is Britain’s leading independent microeconomic research institute. Its research remit is one of the broadest in public policy analysis, covering subjects from tax and benefits to education policy, from labour supply to corporate taxation. Our research not only has an impact on policy makers, think tanks and practitioners, it has also gained a worldwide reputation for academic rigour, and contributes to the development of academic scholarship. We communicate our research widely on a national and international scale, providing independent advice to policy makers in the UK, Europe and in developing countries; collaborating with world renowned academics on new economic theories and techniques; and disseminating our research globally through the press, media and the web.

IFS is host to the ESRC Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy which analyses fiscal policy to determine its effects on households and companies. The Centre’s work covers the full extent of policy impact, investigating the ways in which policies influence human capital investments, work and occupational choice, firm behaviour, saving and retirement decisions, consumer choices and the public finances.


The IFS wins UK think tank of the year

The IFS was awarded the UK think tank of the year for 2015, for the second year running. The award, run by Prospect Magazine, has not previously been given to the same organisation two years in a row.

The Institute was also the winner in the 'financial and economic' category.

One of the judges, the distinguished economist George Magnus, commended the IFS 'for throwing a light into plenty of dark spaces.'


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New IFS research to focus on health and social care spending on older people

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) is to carry out new research on the need for, and use of, health and social care services among older people in England, and how these services interact – thanks to funding from the Health Foundation, an independent health care charity.

The IFS researchers will investigate how public money is allocated across health and social care services for older people with different types of needs, and the effect on their health outcomes and wellbeing.

The research project will be led by IFS Programme Director Gemma Tetlow. She says, “With an ageing population and limited public funding, it is important to understand how health and social care spending can be directed most efficiently and how these services can complement one another to produce the best outcomes."

The IFS research is one of four projects selected for support by the Health Foundation under its £1.5 million Efficiency Research Programme.

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