Election 2005

IFS aims to provide independent and authoritative analysis throughout the election campaign of public policy issues related to the parties' proposals and to the record of the Labour government since 1997. This analysis will draw on past and current research across a number of areas.

We will try to answer enquiries relating to this work whenever possible. Press and other enquiries should be directed to Emma Hyman or Bonnie Brimstone.

On these pages

Recent work related to election issues
Election briefing notes

Newspaper and online articles

30 March 2005, 'The Economy: Electoral battleground', by Robert Chote, Channel 4: FactCheck

Press releases about the parties' proposals

18 Apr 2005 Conservative proposal to increase support for pension saving
13 Apr 2005 Tax and spend: Letter to the Telegraph
16 Mar 2005 Budget analysis 2005
28 Feb 2005 Analysis of Liberal Democrat tax proposals
21 Feb 2005 Analysis of the Conservatives' proposed age-related council tax discount
22 Sep 2004 Analysis of the Liberal Democrats' Citizen's Pension
8 Sep 2004 Conservatives' plans for Higher Education: who gains and who loses?
4 Oct 2003 Conservative proposals for the future of the basic state pension