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Socioeconomic circumstances and health

This area of research examines the relationship between health and economic factors such as wealth and income, with the aim of uncovering the mechanisms that drive the empirically observed relationship between lower socio-economic status and worse health.  It is well established that socio-economic status is associated with health – people with higher education, income and wealth tend to have longer lives and better health during life – but the mechanisms driving this association are not well understood. The causation could run in either (or both) directions and different possible mechanisms imply vastly different policy responses. Our work in this area has explored the impact of health shocks on economic outcomes and examined the patterns of mortality among different socio-economic groups.

The health of South Asian migrants and their descendants: what is the role geographical integration?

In this project we will investigate the relationship between the strength of community ties and the health outcomes of individuals who migrated to England from the Punjab and their children.


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James Banks
Co-Director, CPP
Elaine Kelly
Senior Research Economist
Sarah Cattan
Associate Director