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Food demand, nutrition and obesity

This area of research models consumers’ and firms’ behaviour in the UK food market. In particular, we model how consumers choose between the multitude of products on offer and, given this, how firms compete over the products they offer and the prices they set. Since the food market is characterised by imperfect competition, it is crucial to model both consumers’ and firms’ behaviour when considering the impact of a pre-existing or proposed policy. We analyse a number of different types of policy interventions, including ex-post evaluation of information campaigns that have taken place in the UK and ex-ante evaluation of policies that are currently under consideration.


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Rachel Griffith
Research Director
Lars Nesheim
Research Fellow
Valérie Lechene
Research Fellow
Melanie Lührmann
Research Associate
Martin O'Connell
Associate Director
Wenchao (Michelle) Jin
Research Economist
Kate Smith
Senior Research Economist