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Journal article | The Economic Journal
This paper studies the relationship between group size and informal risk sharing. It shows that under limited commitment with coalitional deviations, this relationship is theoretically ambiguous.
Journal article
The paper deals with panel co-operation in a cross-national, fully harmonized face to-face survey. Our outcome of interest is panel co-operation in the fourth wave of the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe.
Journal article | Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics
In many contexts we may be interested in understanding whether direct connections between agents, such as declared friendships in a classroom or family links in a rural village, affect their outcomes. In this paper, we review the literature studying econometric methods for the analysis of linear ...
Journal article
Each year, the UK experiences excess winter mortality (EWM). In 2014/2015, the number of excess winter deaths in England and Wales was estimated at 43,900, the highest level since 1999.
Journal article | PLoS Medicine
Poor early childhood development (ECD) in low- and middle-income countries is a major concern. There are calls to universalise access to ECD interventions through integrating them into existing government services but little evidence on the medium- or long-term effects of such scalable models.
Journal article | Journal of Public Economics
We study household income inequality in both Great Britain and the United States and the interplay between labour market earnings and the tax system.
Journal article | Journal of Pension Economics and Finance
We study household income inequality in both Great Britain and the United States and the interplay between labour market earnings and the tax system.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Margherita Borella, Mariacristina De Nardi and Eric French
Medicaid is a government programme that also provides health insurance to the elderly who have few assets and either low income or catastrophic health care expenses. We ask how the Medicaid rules map into the reality of Medicaid recipiency, and we ask what other observable characteristics are ...
Journal article | Economics Letters
Collective models identifying resource shares are promising tools to analyze intra-household welfare and poverty. However, their empirical application has proven difficult in practice as authors contend with large standard errors and unstable estimates. This paper uses a prominent framework to show ...
Journal article
Thomas Crossley and Yuqian Lu
In an influential paper, Deaton and Paxson (1998) raise an important puzzle inunderstanding returns to scale in household consumption. They note that, holding percapita resources constant, returns to scale (in at least some goods) imply that larger households are better off, and so should consume ...
Journal article | The Journal of Economic Inequality
Barra Roantree and Jonathan Shaw
Most analyses of inequality and tax and benefit reforms are based on measures of individuals’ circumstances at a point in time. But strong age-profiles in earnings, among other characteristics that the tax and benefit system conditions upon, combined with individuals’ ability to transfer ...
Journal article | Environmental and Resource Economics
We develop an approach to valuing non-market goods using nonparametric revealed preference analysis. We show how nonparametric methods can also be used to bound the welfare effects of changes in the provision of a non-market good.
Journal article
Guglielmo Weber, Stefania Maggi and Marco Bertoni
Reduced muscle strength is an accurate predictor of functional limitations, disability, and mortality. Hence, understanding which socio‐economic factors contribute to preserve muscle strength in old age is central to the design of social policies that help reducing these health risks.
Journal article | Journal of Economic Surveys
Understanding whether and how connections between agents (networks) such as declared friendships in classrooms, transactions between firms, and extended family connections, influence their socio-economic outcomes has been a growing area of research within economics.
Journal article | Journal of Econometrics
Ron Gallant, Raffaella Giacomini and Giuseppe Ragusa
We consider Bayesian estimation of state space models when the measurement density is not available but estimating equations for the parameters of the measurement density are available from moment conditions.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Hyunmin Park, Myung Hwan Seo and Youngki Shin
Using the Reinhart–Rogoff dataset, we find a debt threshold not around 90 per cent but around 30 per cent, above which the median real gross domestic product (GDP) growth falls abruptly.
Journal article
Guglielmo Weber, Martina Celidoni and Chiarra Dal Bianco
We compute a measure of cognitive decline that predicts well the onset of dementia and investigate how retirement affects cognition given age, education and gender. Retirement at first is beneficial, but can be detrimental to cognition later. In the long run, retirement speeds up cognitive decline ...
Journal article | Econometric Theory
Sokbae (Simon) Lee, Song, Kyungchul and Yoon-Jae Whang
In this article, we propose a general method for testing inequality restrictions on nonparametric functions. Our framework includes many nonparametric testing problems in a unified framework, with a number of possible applications in auction models, game theoretic models, wage inequality, and ...
Journal article | Discussion Paper
Daniel Aaronson, Eric French and Isaac Sorkin
Exploring industry dynamics and the response to minimum wage hikes.
Journal article | CESifo Economic Studies
Corrective taxes have been implemented in a number of countries with the aim of addressing growing concern about the rise in obesity- and diet-related diseases. The rationale is that food consumption imposes costs on the consumer in the future that they do not fully take into account at the point ...