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Journal article | American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
This research project received financial support from the Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID), the Economic and Social Research Council via the Network for Integrated Behavioural Sciences (award no. ES/K002201/1), the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO ...
Journal article | AEA Papers and Proceedings
Imran Rasul and Brendon McConnell
We add to the debate by examining the robustness of racial/ethnic sentencing gaps, by gender, when allowing for selection on unobservables. We do so in the context of federal criminal cases, considering 250,000 cases, and using a dataset containing a rich set of covariates relating to defendant and ...
Journal article | Journal of Experimental Political Science
Using a political-frame-free, lab-in-the-field experiment, we investigate the associations between employment status, self-reported political ideology, and preferences for redistribution. The experiment consists of a real-effort task, followed by a four-player dictator game.
Journal article | Journal of Public Economics
Alcohol consumption is associated with costs to society from anti-social behaviour, crime and public costs of policing and health care. These externalities are non-linear in alcohol consumption, with a small number of heavy drinkers creating the majority of the costs. Governments attempt to reduce ...
Journal article | Journal of Industrial Economics
Rachel Griffith, Kate Smith and Michal Krol
We analyse a simple Hotelling model in which retailers and manufacturers endogenously advertise their respective brands; we account for the impact of advertising on retailer–manufacturer bargaining and downstream competition. The model predicts that retailers advertise their store brands less ...
Journal article | International Journal of Epidemiology
Bo Hou, James Banks, Alan Marshall and James Nazroo
This paper explored the impacts of urbanization in China through a comparative study of in situ urbanized population.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Sir James Mirrlees, co‐recipient of the 1996 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, passed away in August 2018. This article outlines how his work has transformed economists’ understanding of their discipline – from the principles of tax design to the theory of contracts and beyond.
Journal article | Journal of the European Economic Association
Renfu Luo, Scott Rozelle, Marcos Vera-Hernandez, Grant Miller and Sean Sylvia
Unlike performance incentives for private sector managers, little is known about performance incentives for managers in public sector bureaucracies. Through a randomized trial in rural China, we study performance incentives rewarding school administrators for reducing student anemia—as well as ...
Journal article | Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
Graduates from higher income families (with median income of around £77,000) have average earnings which are 20% higher than those from lower income families (with median income of around £26,000). Once we condition on institution and subject choices, this premium roughly halves, to around 10%.
Journal article | The Review of Economic Studies
Philippe Aghion, Ufuk Akcigit, Antonin Bergeaud, Richard Blundell and David Hemous
In this article, we use cross-state panel and cross-U.S. commuting-zone data to look at the relationship between innovation, top income inequality and social mobility.
Journal article
Rita Ginja, Pedro Carneiro and Emanuela Galasso
We study an intensive social programme in Chile that combines home visits to households in extreme poverty with guaranteed access to social services.
Journal article
James Banks, Bo Hou, James Nazroo and Alan Marshall
Unprecedented internal migration to urban areas has happened in China over the last few decades.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Pieter Ijtsama, Peter Levell, Bart Los and Marcel Timmer
The aim of this paper is to provide quantitative information about the position of the UK in the network of global value chains (GVCs) and to discuss its implications for the UK's post‐Brexit trade policy. We find that the UK has become much less integrated into global production networks than ...
Journal article
Incentive pay systems have been introduced in public sectors such as education and health care.
Journal article | Economics of Education Review
Lorraine Dearden and Paulo Meyer Nascimento
This paper simulates student loan schemes for Brazil. A copula approach is applied to simulate dynamic earnings paths for graduates. Repayment patterns are then simulated for time-based and income-contingent loan designs.
Journal article
Manuela Angelucci, Giacomo De Giorgi and Imran Rasul
This article examines a novel motive for resource pooling in family networks in rural economies: to relax credit constraints and facilitate investment in non‐collateraliseable assets for which credit market imperfections are most binding.
Journal article | Economics of Education Review
To understand and design student loan systems, realistic earnings and/or income projections for current and future graduates are crucial. In this paper, Current Population Survey (CPS) data from the US is used to demonstrate empirical approaches that can be exploited to simulate lifetime income and ...
Journal article
Bo Hou, James Nazroo, James Banks and Alan Marshall
China is the biggest consumer of tobacco in the world, with a high prevalence of smoking especially among men.
Journal article | Economics of Education Review
Shiro Armstrong, Lorraine Dearden, Masayuki Kobayashi and Nobuku Nagase
The Japanese higher education sector has seen increases in tuition with stagnant household incomes in a society where family support for university students has been the norm. Student loans from the government have grown rapidly to sustain the gradual increase in university enrolments. These ...
Journal article | American Economic Review
In this paper, we present new evidence on the employment effect and the incidence of the minimum wage by exploiting a very large and persistent increase in the minimum wage in Hungary.