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Interview with John Jerrim

John Jerrim
Video clip
This interview is about the socio-economic gradient in teenagers' reading skills.

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Press release
Press release circulated for report on the health impacts of Sure Start (IFS R155)
Press release
The current system of funding undergraduate education means that costs to government are highest for subjects where graduates earn the least, and lowest for subjects where they earn the most. This is an unintended consequence of the English loan-based system, which costs taxpayers about £9 billion ...
Briefing note
This work estimates how government spending is distributed by subject studied and university attended, based on grants and unrepaid student loans (including both tuition and maintenance loans).
Journal article | Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
Graduates from higher income families (with median income of around £77,000) have average earnings which are 20% higher than those from lower income families (with median income of around £26,000). Once we condition on institution and subject choices, this premium roughly halves, to around 10%.