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Recession hitting low-skilled younger workers hardest

Alastair Muriel and Luke Sibieta
Press release

 Predictions that this would be a predominantly 'middle class' or 'white collar' recession, because of the plight of the financial sector, have not yet been borne out in reality, according to a new study by IFS researchers. Low-skilled, low-educated and young workers are seeing a bigger deterioration in their job prospects than skilled and educated ones, just as in previous recessions.

Using a variety of data sources, the IFS report examines how previous recessions have hit different groups in society, and traces the path of living standards, poverty and inequality during previous economic downturns. The authors then use the latest available data regarding the current recession to highlight particular areas for concern over the coming months.

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This presentation was delivered at the IFS "Poverty and Inequality in the UK: 2009" briefing, 8 May 2009.
Briefing note
This Briefing Note aims to document the course of average living standards, and those of particular subgroups in society, during the previous three UK recessions.