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Household behaviour and the dynamics of income and earnings inequality


This presentation was given as  the keynote speech at the Copenhagen Business School's launch of their Business in Society Platform on Inequality.

The Inequality Platform run from 2018 to 2023 and aims to address the causes and consequences of inequality from a Danish, European, and global level. The Inequality Platform brings together researchers from four CBS departments – DBP, ECON, INT, and MSC. The Platform contributes to the academic environment and the wider world in terms of research, education, and outreach, and involves a variety of stakeholders from the worlds of business, government, and international organisations. 

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In this paper we study the contribution of migrants to the rise in UK top incomes. Using administrative data on the universe of UK taxpayers we show migrants are over-represented at the top of the income distribution, with migrants twice as prevalent in the top 0.1% as anywhere in the bottom 97%.