Jonathan Shaw

Dr Jonathan Shaw

Research Fellow


PhD Economics, University College, London, 2017

MPhil Economics, University of Cambridge, 2003

BA Economics, University of Cambridge, 2002

ORCID: 0000-0001-6337-434X

Jonathan is Programme Director for Economic Data Science at the Alan Turing Institute and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Jonathan is an economist and data scientist whose research focuses on modelling individual behaviour, evaluating education and labour market programmes, and understanding the effects of taxes and benefits across life. Before joining the Alan Turing Institute, he worked at the IFS for almost 15 years, the last four of which he was Deputy Director of the Tax Administration Research Centre. He has done work for government departments in the UK and abroad, regulators and private charitable foundations and has provided economic advice to a wide variety of policymakers in governmental and quasi-governmental organisations. He did his PhD in economics at University College London under Professor Sir Richard Blundell.

External web page: Turing Institute

The dynamic effects of tax audits

| Working Paper

Understanding tax non-compliance and the effectiveness of strategies to tackle it is crucial for a modern tax authority. In this paper we study how and why audits impact reported tax in the years after audit - the dynamic effect - for individual income taxpayers.

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