Sonya Krutikova

Dr Sonya Krutikova

Programme Director


PhD Economics: "Schooling and Beyond: Essays on Skill Formation and Learning in Deprived Contexts", University of Oxford, 2011
MSc Economics for Development, University of Oxford, 2007
BA Economics and Quantitative Methods, University of Sussex, 2003

Sonya joined the IFS in February 2014 as Programme Director of the Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo). Her main research interests are in the determinants of skill acquisition among children and young people living in poverty, as well as more broadly the mechanisms through which childhood conditions manifest in child development and outcomes. Her recent work focuses on the role of home and school factors in explaining the evolution of gaps in cognitive skills and school attainment among children from poorer and better off backgrounds in developing countries. Sonya is additionally involved with on-going research in the following areas: the effects of early childhood health, poverty and maternal well-being on health and cognitive development; measurement of development in specific cognitive domains in large-scale surveys; and evaluation of nutrition supplementation and cognitive stimulation programs targeting young children and/or their mothers in a number of contexts including Colombia and Nepal.

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Do schools reinforce or reduce learning gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students? Evidence from Vietnam and Peru

| Journal Article

This paper investigates whether disadvantaged children learn less than advantaged children when both types of children are enrolled in the same school, using data from Vietnam and Peru. Two different results emerge: in Vietnam, there is no evidence that schools are less effective for disadvantaged groups, while in Peru disadvantaged groups do learn less.

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