Jack Britton

Dr Jack Britton

Senior Research Economist


PhD Economics, University of Bristol, 2014
MSc Economics (Distinction), University of Bristol, 2010
BSc Mathematics, Imperial College London, 2008

Jack joined the IFS in 2013 and works in the Education and Skills sector. His main interests lie in human capital accumulation and discrete choice dynamic modelling. Jack's recent work has included analysis of the effect of replacing the EMA with the 16-19 Bursary in England on participation and attainment, measuring human capital of university graduates in England, and modelling the interaction between health and human capital.

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Options for reducing the interest rate on student loans and reintroducing maintenance grants

| Briefing Note

In October, the Prime Minister called for an inquiry into the student loan system for higher education (HE). In this briefing note, we focus on two of the more unpopular features of the current system. We explore government options for reducing the interest rates charged on student loans, from the current levels of RPI + 3% while studying and RPI + 0–3% (depending on income) after leaving university, and for reintroducing living-cost grants – which do not have to be repaid – for students from lower-income families. This briefing note will be submitted as evidence for the inquiry.

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