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John Micklewright

John Micklewright

Academic outputs

Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Vol. 32, No. 2, June 2011
'League table' information on school effectiveness in England generally relies either on a comparison of the average outcomes of pupils by school(for example, mean exam scores) or on estimates of the average value added by each school.
Journal article | Fiscal Studies, Vol. 17, No. 1, February 1996
The 'traditional' view, in both educational and labour-market policy, of the transition from education to employment centres on the school-leaving decision - in other words, on a particular point in time when the individual concerned decides to leave full-time education and enter the labour market.

Reports and comment

Reducing socio-economic gaps in education outcomes has been at the heart of government strategy to raise social mobility for many years. Achieving higher educational qualifications enables individuals to earn more, on average, so if those from poorer backgrounds are less likely to attain these ...
External publication
We show how young people's expectations about application to university change during the teenage years, drawing on the Longitudinal Study of Young People in England (LSYPE).


This presentation was given by Anna Vignoles, Lorraine Dearden, Claire Crawford, and John Micklewright at the event "Family background and university success" on 5 December 2016.
Paper given at the ESRC festival of Social Science 2012 event on Higher Education Funding, Access and Outcomes