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Alex Davenport

Alex Davenport

Research Economist


BA Economics (1st Class), University of Cambridge, 2019

Alex joined the IFS in 2019 and works in the Industrial Organisation and Demand sector. His current work focuses on the impacts of trade and globalisation on wages and inequality, as well as the long-term effects of deindustrialisation in the UK.


Briefing note
This report looks at normal (pre-lockdown) commuting patterns, what they tell us about who would be affected by continued social distancing on public transport, and what they tell us about how policy can ease public transport congestion in a world of continued social distancing.
Briefing note
Many households are experiencing falls in their income as a result of the economic and health policy responses to the coronavirus crisis – often sharp falls. What they normally spend their money on will matter for how well they can weather this storm. If a household typically spends much of its ...

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