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Agnes Kovacs

Agnes Kovacs

Assistant Professor

Agnes is an applied economist who uses economic models and micro-level data to better understand the consumption and savings behaviour of households.Her research intersects with applied microeconomics, behavioural economics and macroeconomics. More specifically, she is interested in exploring how non-standard preferences can explain anomalies in household behaviour, and how different kinds of income risks affect household's decisions.

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper WP19/29
This paper investigates how diļ¬€erent income shocks shape consumption dynamics over the business cycle. First, we break new ground by creating a unique, panel dataset of transitory and permanent income shocks, using subjective income expectations from the Dutch Household Survey.
IFS Working Paper W19/18
The vast majority of household wealth in the U.S. is held in illiquid assets, primarily housing, making households vulnerable to unexpected income shocks. To rationalize this preference for illiquidity, we build a life-cycle model where households are tempted to consume their liquid wealth but can ...

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