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Sokbae (Simon) Lee

Sokbae (Simon) Lee

Research Fellow


PhD Economics, University of Iowa, 2002
MA Economics, Seoul National University, 1998
BA Economics, Seoul National University, 1996

Sokbae Lee is a Professor at Seoul National University. His research focuses on theoretical and applied econometrics.

Journal articles

Journal article | Fiscal Studies
Using the Reinhart–Rogoff dataset, we find a debt threshold not around 90 per cent but around 30 per cent, above which the median real gross domestic product (GDP) growth falls abruptly.
Journal article | Econometric Theory
In this article, we propose a general method for testing inequality restrictions on nonparametric functions. Our framework includes many nonparametric testing problems in a unified framework, with a number of possible applications in auction models, game theoretic models, wage inequality, and ...

Working papers

Cemmap Working Paper CWP58/19
This paper examines the trends in geographic localization of knowledge spillovers via patent citations, extracting multiple cohorts of new sample US patents from the period of 1976-2015.
Cemmap Working Paper CWP23/19
This paper describes a method for carrying out non-asymptotic inference on partially identifi ed parameters that are solutions to a class of optimization problems. The optimization problems arise in applications in which grouped data are used for estimation of a model's structural parameters. The ...