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Peter Levell

Peter Levell

Senior Research Economist


MSc Economics, London School of Economics, 2009

BSc Economics (1st Class), University College London, 2008

PhD, University College London, 2019

Peter is a Senior Research Economist working in the IFS Consumption Sector. He joined the IFS in September 2009. His work focuses on the microeconomics of household spending and labour supply decisions as well as the measurement and impact of inflation. 

Academic outputs

Journal article | American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
This paper documents significantly steeper declines in nondurable expenditures at older ages in the United Kingdom compared to the United States, in spite of income paths being similar. Several possible causes are explored, including different employment paths, housing ownership and expenses, ...
IFS Working Paper W19/16
Researchers are often interested in the relationship between two variables, with no single data set containing both. For example, surveys on income and wealth are often missing consumption data.

Reports and comment

Newspaper article
The value of the pound has changed a lot over the past three years - making us all a little poorer. Back in December 2015, £1 would buy you about €1.40. Today it will get you nearer €1.14. It has suffered a similar fate against most major currencies, losing about 15% of its value over that ...
Newspaper article
Economists disagree on the size of labour supply elasticities. The column uses a model of female labour supply to show that there is substantial heterogeneity in both cross section and over the business cycle. It is not possible to think about labour supply elasticity as a unique structural ...


This presentation was delivered by Peter Levell as part of an event held on 5th October where a chapter of the Green Budget 2018, "The exposure of different workers to potential trade barriers between the UK and the EU", was launched.
Peter Levell gave a public talk on the topic of "What's the price of free trade?" at the University of Manchester on 23/03/18 to an audience of over 200 people.