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Rowena Crawford

Rowena Crawford

Associate Director


MSc Economics, University College London, 2011

BA Economics (1st Class), University of Cambridge, 2008

Rowena is an Associate Director in the Pensions and Public Finance sector. Her research interests include pensions and saving for retirement, while her recent work also includes analysis of UK public finances and public spending.

Academic outputs

Journal article | Fiscal Studies - Special Issue: 50th Anniversary of IFS
Since 1995, police forces in England and Wales have been able to raise revenues locally to supplement grants from central government.
IFS Working Paper WP19/28
In the UK, those born between the 1930s and 1950s have seen generation-on-generation increases in wealth, while those born more recently appear to have accumulated no more wealth than their predecessors had done by the same age.

Reports and comment

Automatic enrolment has been hugely successful, such that over 90% of eligible private sector workers are now members of workplace pension schemes.
The fall in stock markets has reduced the wealth of those who directly hold shares and of those with defined contribution pension pots that are invested in equities.


This presentation was given at the launch of two reports into recent pension reforms, on retirement savings expectations and on automatic enrolment.
Presentation at the launch event for our report, held at the Institute for Government.