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Ben Zaranko

Ben Zaranko

Research Economist


BA Economics and Management (1st class), University of Oxford, 2016

Ben joined the IFS in 2017 as a Research Economist in the Pensions and Public Finance Sector. His current work includes analysis of public spending and research into the relationship between social care receipt and hospital use. Before joining IFS, Ben worked in the private sector as an actuarial consultant to defined benefit pension funds. 

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W18/15
Recent years have seen substantial reductions in public spending on social care for older people in England. This has not only led to large falls in the number of people over the age of 65 receiving publicly funded social care, but also to growing concern about the potential knock-on effects on ...

Reports and comment

Briefing note
The Chancellor is yet to confirm how much money will be made available to departments at the 2019 Spending Review. To meet his promise to end austerity, Phillip Hammond will need to find billions of extra funding.
Newspaper article
The chancellor managed to ease the squeeze on the public sector with his Budget on Monday but he dodged the tough decisions needed to come up with long-term solutions for funding services, says Ben Zaranko.


This presentation was given at an IFS briefing following the Autumn Budget Statement 2018.
In this presentation, Ben Zaranko sets out the context for the choices facing the Chancellor, considers the necessary trade-offs and describes some of the possible implications for public service spending.