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Neil Amin Smith

Neil Amin Smith

Research Economist


MPhil Economics, Cambridge University, 2013
Postgraduate Diploma Economics, Cambridge University, 2011
BA History, Cambridge University, 2010

Neil joined the IFS in 2016 and works as a Research Economist in the Pensions and Public Finance sector. He is currently working on a project studying local government finance.





In recent years, there has been renewed interest in the question of tax devolution to local government. We set out criteria which can be used to assess whether different taxes and tax powers are suitable for devolution, apply these to a range of taxes and look at how much could be raised in ...
Briefing note
English local government finance is part way through a series of major changes that will see its focus shift from being based on redistribution according to spending needs, towards more emphasis on providing financial incentives to tackle needs and boost local revenue-raising capacity. However, ...

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Newspaper article
Years of cuts and rising demands for services like social care mean that council funding in England looks increasingly unsustainable. Is devolving more tax revenues and powers the answer?
Funding from local taxes available in the new local government finance system proposed by the government is unlikely to keep pace with rising spending pressures in coming years.