Pierre Dubois

Pierre Dubois

Research Fellow


"Habiliation" to supervise thesis, 2005
PhD in Economics, EHESS, Paris, 1999
Statistician Economist, ENSAE, 1994

ORCID: 0000-0002-9077-6843

Pierre is an IFS Research Fellow, Professor of Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics and a fellow of the CEPR. Pierre is also a member of the CPP Advisory Board at IFS. His work includes research on industrial organisation, demand models, household behaviour, development economics and applied econometrics. 

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The effects of banning advertising in junk food markets

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There have been calls for restrictions on junk food advertising to tackle rising rates of obesity around the world. This column examines the likely effect of a ban on potato crisp advertising. Results suggest that the total quantity of crisps sold would fall by around 15% in the presence of a ban, or by 10% if firms respond with price cuts. The welfare benefits from this would depend on whether current advertising is persuasive, informative or complementary.

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