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Laura van der Erve

Laura van der Erve

Research Economist


MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, 2016

BA Economics and Management (1st Class), University of Oxford, 2014


Laura is a research economist at the IFS and a PhD student at University College London. Her research focuses on education and intergenerational mobility. Current projects look at geographical variation in, and causal determinants of, intergenerational mobility, the labour market impact of undergraduate and postgraduate field of study, and the estimation of school quality. She joined the IFS in 2016.

Academic outputs

Journal article | Economics of Education Review
The impact of the design of income contingent loans for Higher Education students on the magnitude and distribution of government subsidies is highly dependent on the institutional setting.
IFS Working Paper W19/04
Income contingent loans are an increasingly popular tool for funding higher education. These loans have desirable features, but also potentially high overall government write-offs in the long run. This latter fact has been well documented, but little is known about how those write-offs vary by ...

Reports and comment

Briefing note
Tuition fees from international students account for nearly a fifth of total income of the higher education sector. A big drop in international students would imperil university finances.
Going to university is a very good investment for most studentsOver their working lives, men will be £130,000 better off on average by going to university after taxes, student loan repayments and foregone earnings are taken into account. For women, this figure is £100,000. (These and other ...


This presentation was given by Laura van der Erve at the Public Economics Lecture Day on 5 January 2018.