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Thomas Pope

Thomas Pope

Research Economist


BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford, 2014

Thomas works in the tax sector. His main areas of interest include firm investment and the effects of the tax system on large and small businesses. He also works on the public finances

Academic outputs

IFS Working Paper W18/03
Firm-level investment paths are commonly characterised by periods of low or zero investment punctuated by large investment ‘spikes’. We document that such spikes are important for understanding firm and aggregate level investment in the UK.
Journal article | Tax Journal
By the end of the parliament, tax receipts are due to return to their pre-recession share of national income. However, compared with 2007/08, policy choices mean the taxman looks set to raise more from VAT and less from other indirect taxes; about the same amount from personal income taxes, though ...

Reports and comment

Newspaper article
The Prime Minister has committed to spending increases for the NHS over the next five years and promised this would be at least partly funded by a ‘Brexit dividend’. This is not the first time that NHS spending increases have been linked to the UK’s exit from the EU – the now infamous £350 ...
Yesterday, the Prime Minister announced a ‘70th Birthday present’ for the NHS, pledging average real annual increases of 3.4% per year for the next five years. One challenge for the Government is where the money to pay for this will come from. After social security spending, the NHS is the ...


This presentation was given at an IFS briefing following the Autumn Budget Statement 2018.
Thomas Pope sets out the current state of the public finances, the outlook for the future, and some of the key economic and policy risks to the public finances in the medium and long term.