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Helen Miller

Helen Miller

Deputy Director


MSc Economics (Distinction), University College London, 2010
BSc Economics (1st Class), University College London, 2007

Helen is Deputy Director of the IFS and head of the Tax sector. She is chair of the Royal Economic Society’s Communications Committee.

Her main research interests are the effects of the tax system on individuals and firms behaviour and the design of tax policy. Her recent research also includes work on the drivers of firm investment and the UK productivity puzzle. She is Tolley's 2018 Tax Personality of the year. Helen joined the IFS in 2007.



The UK raised 35% of national income in tax in 2018–19. Figure 1 shows that tax as a share of national income has fluctuated between around 30% and 35% of national income since the end of the second world war and been rising since the early 1990s. Tax revenues are now, just, higher as a share of ...
Business owners have been the fastest-growing part of the UK labour force since at least 2000. Between 2000–01 and 2015–16, the number of employees grew by 15%, while self-employment (including those operating as a sole trader or as a partner in a partnership) grew by 25% and the number of ...

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In a bid to become the next prime minister, both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt say they plan to increase the point at which people start paying National Insurance Contributions (NICs). This move would make the UK’s tax system even more different to those in most other developed countries in two ...
Newspaper article
Poor tax design creates inefficiency and unfairness but it is possible to correct the flaws


Presentation at the BEIS R&D seminar
Presentation at EEA Annual Congress, special session on 'Capital Income and Taxes'