Alan Auerbach

Professor Alan Auerbach

International Research Fellow


PhD Economics, Harvard University, 1978
BA Economics and Mathematics, Yale University, 1974

Alan is an International Research Fellow, based at the University of California. He is also chair of the Advisory Group for the Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy (CPP) at the IFS.

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External web page: University of California, Berkeley

Evolving views of the taxation of saving

| Observations

The 125th anniversary of the Economic Journal provided an opportunity to look back on several of the journal’s important papers and reflect on how these papers altered our thinking about important economic issues and laid the groundwork for further progress in economic research. One such contribution was the 1980 paper by Anthony Atkinson and Agnar Sandmo, “Welfare Implications of the Taxation of Savings,” written at a time when the most commonly held objective of tax reform was the achievement of a broad-based income tax.

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