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IFS at 50: The future of tax

Tax underpins everything the government does and is often used by policy makers to try to shape the economy. Tax is also central to citizens’ views on whether our society is fair. As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we held an event on 3 April 2019 where IFS Deputy Director Helen Miller looked at how tax has changed in recent decades and what it means to aspire to a well-designed tax system. She was then joined by John Kay (economist, author and former IFS Director) and Gideon Skinner (Ipsos Mori) for a conversation about how taxation will have to change to address the challenges of the future.

Watch the event

You can watch the full event below, and download Helen's slides here.

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Prospect article: A distorted tax system makes us all worse off

"As pressures continue to grow on public services, including as a result of an ageing population that demands more and more expensive health and social care, we may see more discussion about the size of the state. But how we raise tax can be just an important as how much we raise."

Helen Miller wrote an article for Prospect Magazine about how poor tax design creates inefficiency and unfairness, and how it is possible to correct the flaws.

Read the article on the Prospect website