The impact and design of business taxation in a globalised world

| 09:30 - 15:45
Location: One Birdcage Walk - One Birdcage Walk Westminster London SW1H 9JJ
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Please note: All available papers and slides are linked to from the conference programme.

The European Tax Policy Forum was created in 2005 to commission independent academic research into the impact of tax policy on business in Europe. The research is made available to educate and inform the public understanding, and to provide European governments and others making decisions on tax policy with independent data and research on the effects of tax policy.

To date, the ETPF has commissioned four phases of research from academic researchers. The research in each phase has been presented at an annual conference. This 2009 conference will present research commissioned during the fourth phase of research. The academic researchers are leading figures in the field.

The topics are all highly relevant to European business tax policy. The papers:

  • examine the level and determinants of effective tax rates paid by corporations in the UK, Europe and elsewhere;
  • consider non-profit taxes paid by business, and in particular ask how far such taxes are passed on to the workforce;
  • investigate the benefits of housing headquarter companies; and
  • evaluate two policy proposals by the European Commission: the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB), and the proposals to apply VAT to financial services companies.