Report Launch

Adapting pension systems to rising life expectancy in developed countries - OECD launch of Pensions at a Glance 2017

| 10:00 - 11:30
Chair: Rowena Crawford Institute for Fiscal Studies
Location: Institute for Fiscal Studies -

7 Ridgmount Street, London WC1E 7AE


As the most severe fiscal pressures have eased in the OECD, the pace of pension reform has slowed over the last two years but the challenges related to population ageing remain significant. Many people aspire to having greater flexibility in retirement.

In the United Kingdom, partial lump-sum withdrawals are designed to offer more flexibility. But with many people having low retirement incomes, does more choice generate more risks and more inequality? How does the UK  compare with other OECD countries?

OECD experts will present the 2017 edition of the OECD’s flagship publication "Pensions at a Glance" on Tuesday 5 December at 10.00.