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IFS Public Talk: Are the rich paying their fair share of taxes?

Who is paying tax and are they paying enough? These questions play out in the news headlines daily. That's because tax matters hugely for whether our society is deemed to be fair. As the UK faces the dual challenges of an aging society and public services that are creaking from years of austerity, we should expect debates over the size of the state and who should pay for it to rage on.

Who are the rich? How much do they pay into the coffers? Are they paying their fair share? What are the options for getting them to pay more? These are some of the key questions we'll explore.

This IFS Public Talk will be given by Helen Miller, Associate Director and head of tax research at the Institute for Fiscal Studies. This talk is jointly organised with the University of Manchester, and Diane Coyle, Professor of Economics, will be on hand to put your questions to Helen.

The talk will be held in the Simon Building, Theatre B, at the University of Manchester.  Doors will be open from 4.00pm, with the lecture taking place from 4.15-5.30pm.  

If you have any questions about this event, please contact