Pensions and living standards and the public debate

Date: 22 October 2015

Drawing on research into living standards and inequality and on retirement and pensions in the UK, Paul Johnson delivered the inaugural annual lecture of the Pensions Management Institute on the 20th October 2015. The lecture, 'Pension policy – where have we been, where are we going?' was taken up in the media and contributed to the debate about pensioner incomes.

There were articles on the front pages of three national newspapers. Examples included:

Pensioners have more cash than those in work, The Times, p. 1, Philip Aldrick and Sam Coates, 21/10/15

New call to slash pension payouts, Daily Express, p. 1, Sarah O'Grady, 21/10/15

Pensioners now wealthier than workers, The Daily Telegraph, p. 1, Dan Hyde, 21/10/15

Now pensioners earn more than average worker, The Independent, p. 6, Emily Dugan, 21/10/15

Income gap between old and young set to widen, i (The paper for today), p. 11, Emily Dugan, 21/10/15

Pensioners have never had it so good, says IFS, The Guardian, p. 21, Heather Stewart, 21/10/15

Pensioners 'are now earning more than those still in work', Daily Mail, p. 17, Rosie Taylor, 21/10/15

A generation sleepwalking into old age POVERTY, Daily Mail, p. 46, Ruth Lythe, 21/10/15

Power of pensions, The Sun, p. 6, Unattributed, 21/10/15

IFS: Pensioners earning more than workers, City AM, p. 7, Lauren Fedor, 21/10/15

State pension triple lock 'needs to end', says IFS, Press Association, via Mail Online, 20/10/15

'Astonishing turnaround' in the income of pensioners, The National (Scotland), p. 5, Kathleen Nutt, 21/10/15