The Centre for the Microeconomic Analysis of Public Policy at IFS promotes the development of effective policy through the widespread dissemination of our independent research. Researchers communicate closely with policy makers, academics, the private sector and the public to inform debate on policy issues. The impacts listed below provide some examples of how our research has influenced others.

It is through generous funding from the ESRC that CPP at IFS is able to carry out high-impact research with impartiality and rigour.

The IFS has received funding from the ESRC to increase the impact of our research.

Pensions and living standards and the public debate

Drawing on research into living standards and inequality and on retirement and pensions in the UK, Paul Johnson delivered the inaugural annual lecture of the Pensions Management Institute on the 20th October 2015. The lecture, 'Pension policy – where have we been, where are we going?' was taken up in the media and contributed to the debate about pensioner incomes.

Press coverage of research into graduate earnings

The significantly higher earnings that graduates in England can expect over those who didn’t study at university, the ‘graduate premium’, has been revealed in detail by a large new study – the first of its kind. we highlight some of the coverage the research received in the press.