Previous IFS/CPP annual lectures

2017: David Autor, 'Economic and political consequences of China's rise for the United States: lessons from the China shock'

2016: Angus Deaton,'Can the government make us happy? Should it try?'


2015 James Banks, 'Extending working lives: a solution to the challenges of an ageing population?'

2014: Raj Chetty, 'The determinants of social mobility: New evidence and policy lessons'

2013: Stephen Machin, 'Economics of education research and the making of education policy'

2012: Andrew Dilnot, 'Numbers and public policy: the power of official statistics and statistical communication in public policy-making' 

2011: Esther Duflo, 'Rethinking policy towards global poverty' 


2008: Vince Cable, 'Revisiting the framework of economic policy' 


2007: Tim Besley, 'The political economy of data' 

2006 Alan Auerbach, 'The importance of inheritance tax'

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