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The Centre for the Evaluation of Development Policies (EDePo) is a focal point for research on the impact of a range of specific development interventions and policy reforms in developing countries. It aims to promote best practice in the design, conduct and evaluation of development policies.

Do schools reinforce or reduce learning gaps between advantaged and disadvantaged students? Evidence from Vietnam and Peru

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This paper investigates whether disadvantaged children learn less than advantaged children when both types of children are enrolled in the same school, using data from Vietnam and Peru. Two different results emerge: in Vietnam, there is no evidence that schools are less effective for disadvantaged groups, while in Peru disadvantaged groups do learn less.

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IFS researchers present at conference on sanitation financing & revenue models in reuse (human) waste

This conference was organisded by EDePo at IFS and WASTE and benefited from the support of the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie). The conference brought together from different parts of the world; academics, practitioners and policy-makers with the aim to generate knowledge regarding sanitation financing and revenue models on sludge reuse.

The sessions focused on presentations on policy and impact research in sanitation financing, setting up of impact bonds and (micro)-financing of sanitation. This was followed by presentations delivered by practitioners in the field and WASH specialist who looked into revenue models in reuse of human waste. Discussions were of much interest due to their potential to overcome sanitation challenges in developing countries.

This event benefited from EDePo’s experience gained over the last eight years through collaborations and academically rigorous and innovative methods to evaluate the effectiveness of low cost sanitation on health in developing countries.

Conference proceedings can be found here.

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