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A Conference on Optimization and Machine Learning in Economics organised by Alfred Galichon and Sokbae Lee, March 8-9 2018


Optimization is coming back as a major developing research area in economics. There are at least two reasons for this. The first one is the emergence of online platforms, which act as central planners and need to solve complex optimization problems such as matching service providers with customers, introducing potential dating partners, performing dynamic pricing  tasks, etc. The second reason is that econometric methods have been cross-fertilized by novel techniques from machine learning, that heavily rely on optimization tools. This conference is a chance for experts on optimization, machine learning, and economics to meet and discuss the current frontier of the scientific knowledge at these intersections.  

Recent publications

On the iterated estimation of dynamic discrete choice games

16 February 2018
Federico A. Bugni and Jackson Bunting

Misclassification and the hidden silent rivalry

05 February 2018
Yingyao Hu and Zhongjian Lin

Dynamic decisions under subjective expectations: a structural analysis

05 February 2018
Yonghong An , Yingyao Hu and Ruli Xiao

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