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Past events

Past event
Sanitation gaps are a global problem that continue to affect large segments of developing Asia and the Pacific, despite the considerable progress of efforts to address it in recent decades. The COVID-19 crisis has further increased the importance of improving inclusive sanitation access and the lives of targeted users, especially across poor areas and vulnerable groups.
Past event
After decades of cuts to the corporation tax rate, a large reversal is now planned. Is this the right move? What effects will it have? Will it hurt investment or make us uncompetitive? Will it hit some sectors harder than others?
Past event
This year, for the first time and co-funded by the Scottish Policy Foundation, the Institute for Fiscal Studies is publishing a range of Scottish Election Briefing Notes on tax, benefits and public spending, and the parties plans for the coming parliamentary term. Join us for our live webinar, in partnership with the University of Glasgow, where we will present the main findings of our analysis ahead of the election.
Past event
Rising levels of wealth held by older generations, alongside slow growth in the earnings of younger generations, means that inheritance looks set to be an increasingly important source of income for today's working-age generations.