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Upcoming events

Upcoming event
The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, faces a difficult balancing act at this year’s Spending Review. At this event, IFS researchers will present the findings of two chapters of the forthcoming Green Budget, addressing the big questions around the 2020 Spending Review and ‘levelling up’.
Upcoming event
Financial Secretary to the Treasury Jesse Norman and leading experts in tax and public opinion will explore the future tax agenda: Which tax changes would best raise revenue without choking off growth? Should government simply raise rates or undertake major structural reforms? Where does public opinion stand on tax rises?
Upcoming event
Providing equal access to healthcare to all solely on the basis of need was a founding principle of the NHS. Despite this, large differences persist in the amount of care used by people living in different areas and with different backgrounds. At this event we will explore the findings of new IFS work outlining what has happened to educational inequalities in health care in England since 2002-03.
Upcoming event
In the immediate wake of the pandemic, the government brought in a series of temporary expansions to the welfare system at a cost of £9 billion. At this event, IFS researchers will present the findings of a chapter of the forthcoming Green Budget, discussing the options the government faces.
Upcoming event
Daron Acemoglu (MIT) will deliver the 2020 Gorman Lectures. The conference will be on Inequality and Automation. This event is free to attend.
Upcoming event
The IFS Green Budget 2020, in association with Citi and with funding from the Nuffield Foundation, will analyse the huge economic trauma since the March Budget and the much heightened uncertainty over the path of the economy in coming years. The findings from chapters covering the economic and fiscal outlook will be presented at the event, alongside which the book will be launched.