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Past events

Past event
The Institute for Government (IfG) and Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) invite you to a briefing to explore the issues for government in the upcoming Spring Statement and this year’s Spending Review. After nine years of austerity the choices made in the Spending Review could be among the most important non-Brexit decisions made during this parliament.
Past event
Over recent years HMRC have gained significant additional powers to enforce tax law, against a backdrop of public and political anger about 'tax dodging' of borth the illegal and legal kinds.
Past event
Debates about welfare policy are invariably controversial, going right to the heart of what kind of society we want to be. This IFS at 50 event will set out the trade-offs that make this such an important and difficult area, how and why our approach has changed so radically over time, and how evidence can help us design policy better.